What to expect from college Look at this before entering UNIVERSITY

What to expect from college Look at this before entering UNIVERSITY
What to expect from college Look at this before entering UNIVERSITY

Introduction of What to expect from college Look at this before entering UNIVERSITY

What to expect from college Look at this before entering UNIVERSITY. I am Marcela, welcome to a new article I want to tell you what to expect from the university for some, this transition from high school to university can be very exciting for others, maybe it scares them a lot and let’s not even talk about the pandemic because I think that The generations that were in high school in a pandemic in their last year and entering university are the ones who have struggled the most with dealing with this pandemic because they stopped seeing their friends in high school and the university they do not know their classmates in person, so.

What should I know before entering university?

It is something complicated apart from the online classes to get used to how the information of the subjects is retaining so if you are in the last year of prepaid you are in the first semesters of the umh and you had a pandemic I send you a hug I hope this article will help you also understand what is going to happen in the next few years, what can be your expectations of the university and the truth that university is an environment to Tally different from what we are used to, people who in primary secondary preparatory were in the same school or at least knew the people and the environment was very similar as they progressed in each stage but.

The university is completely different from the treatment of the teachers the schedules of classes the new people the difficulty or the degree of difficulty and responsibility that there would be in the university is very different from what you were probably used to and here I want to take advantage of so that they leave me in the comments to you what it is that most excites you about the uni or in your case what is the scariest and then let’s talk about what to expect from the university if you are about to enter you are entering or you are already in the uni surely there will be things.

That you are going to experience and the first thing is the new friends at the beginning It can be difficult to socialize and this goes from school online but also in person is but as you go along I walk in the semesters you meet people who have things in common why because if they study they are studying the same career they surely like similar things they see the way of seeing life similarly so here I think it is one of the most beautiful things from the university that you can make real friends out there they say that the friendships you make in the university are very strong in my case I was in the same school in high school and the university so.


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What common expectations do you expect in colleges?

When I entered the race I already knew some people But I had the opportunity to meet new people me and I think it is the best thing that those friends have happened to my date, I talk to them almost daily because they are people that I love so much so that can happen to you, you also have to understand that the people that you are going to meet in the university are maybe outside the circle that you are used to because it can to touch in the classroom someone much older than you or maybe someone who is from another country because it is an exchange or if you go to another city or if you have to go to another country or talk about the new one’s cultures people.

Who think very differently from you and the truth is that I believe that this is one of the best experiences of the university and it is something that you have to value a lot because it is a stage of life in which apart from the fact that you are getting to know yourself, you are getting to know Other people and as I said, people who have a way of thinking, it may seem like you and it is something very nice. adolescence to adult life and that can be difficult painful but it is very growing in some high schools they tend to have a little more attentive treatment where they give you your class schedule they tell you that make calendars your parents can even be quite involved in your training.

But the university is not going to be like that anymore you are going to have to find what to do where are the bathrooms in this university that you miss the facilities because you have to see where the toilets are things and it is your responsibility to make sure that you have everything you need to go to school. Another thing about responsibility is that it will be your turn to choose your class schedule, it may also be your turn to choose your teachers and the universities electives. In their study plan, they have compulsory subjects that are part of the career and that all study that career has to take but also as you progress in the semesters there are optional subjects this means that.

What to expect from college Look at this before entering UNIVERSITY
What to expect from college Look at this before entering UNIVERSITY

What do you expect from college?

It will give you a list of subject careers and you are going to select which ones attract your attention so here you end up seeing this responsibility because you can maybe take the materials The guides to this is the easiest, then all the friends will be here if it can be an option but in the future, it will be more useful to take subjects that you know will teach you the things you need for your future or that are areas Maybe even though you don’t like any friend to that subject, then you are going to enjoy it. At the university, you will experience to be more independent and in the end, it is linked to responsibility, but independence is also a personal matter, many.

Who enters the university are reaching the age of majority 18 years, maybe between 17 but in terms of After the first year they turn 18 and that means that maybe your parents start giving you more permits, start doing things that you didn’t do before like traveling with your friends and parties going to meetings and if e This freedom is quite fun but you also have to be aware of the things that make you good and the things that hurt you at the end of the day we are going to make a mistake that is not all and I am not only talking about the issue of deciding a career maybe We make mistakes in many other personal things, but the important thing about this is that.

What should I look for in a college or university?

We have to be aware that we are responsible for dealing with the consequences of our decisions, so this independence can make you feel super good but maybe suddenly you can make you feel very vulnerable because you realize that you are the only person who can solve the problem at this point even if we do not want to, we are going to experience it and we have to wait for this from the university, which is the disappointments and frustrations not everything is rosy I wish.

It was so but The reality is that it is not going to do it, no matter how much you like your career, talking about the career there will be subjects teachers that you do not like In anything jobs in which you suffer sleeplessness and this is part of the stage it happened to me that the university, in general, I can say that I liked my career a lot and of course I would study it again, however, if I could remove several subjects with pleasure I would remove them but.

It does not mean that they are tempi to reach your goal if you are suffering elite and what I told them by and by the online classes analyze the best are bumps in your path but in general the race is something you like and that you see yourself there and I will make another article of what to do if you feel that you made the wrong career because then you do not have to stay in a place that you do not like, I assure you that when they are 50 to 60 years old and they remember.