Study The Career Of Plastic Arts All Guidance

Study The Career Of Plastic Arts All Guidance
Study The Career Of Plastic Arts All Guidance

Introduction Of Study The Career Of Plastic Arts All Guidance

Study The Career Of Plastic Arts All Guidance. We are dedicated to helping young people decide careers through our vocational orientation programs. know the exercises, tools, and tests to identify the best races according to your profile but I warn you that at the end of this video I will tell you how you can earn an account but another interview with another professional this time I am with Karina Venegas she studied plastic arts and she is going to tell us all about her career that she liked that she did not like that this afternoon her career then hello Karina and all of you as you are very well thank you very much for being here what longer.

Why is plastic art important?

I will tell you that I participate no I taught them to do what we did in their workshop for a while, but I am very glad that you are here uĆ­ that so that you can tell us about your career so that they can meet you and see you then you studied the degree in plastic arts, true if you raise the degree in plastic arts at the back and when I entered a young career I was a few years old when I was still like in experimentation for careers as long as they start in the launched and have a trial period in which, well, I will see that the results are changing the study plans and I think.

I had a good study plan at that time. And tell us what do you see in plastic arts because I think you can also compose with other careers such as visual arts design, so to know what you see in this career if I also got a little confused, don’t believe well then I started with painting I think all those who enter the art, they go through painting or drawing, which is the closest thing that we can consider to art, no, but being there, it opened everything for me because They give a little of each discipline such as sculpture, drawing, ceramics, engraving things.

Study The Career Of Plastic Arts All Guidance

That I had not really seen, because I had never in my life, or had never tried, I had never experienced, so I feel that it opened me up quite a bit about this perception of the arts, nothing more like painting or drawing and Well, so far I went for ceramics, so if I use a lot, for example, I had never seen segment sculpture or large-format sculpture, then I also experimented with various materials, there is what it teaches us about the properties of various materials as in the stone the cement the clay the wood then the truth is that I tell you in three as an idea and there I realized that it is a whole world not super different and you commented to me as.

What does a plastic artist do?

What difference is there between visual arts and plastic arts the visual arts as He says it is simply painting drawing engraving nothing more than what can be seen as it were, and the plastic ones it all the most? What can you touch or what are you with your spoiled ones? How is this sculpture in ceramics? Maybe it would be experimental spelling, Karina is heard, then, in the end, it is a career I suppose very practical, that is, during university, I imagine you see a bit of theory but You also do a lot of practice if the truth is super practical and I think that of about seven subjects you went per semester, possibly two are theoretical, such as art history.


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A degree seminar and more like right now, you see that they began to enter the art market to That you know how to sell your work, I feel that it was necessary when I did not get well when I studied, hey and I like to ask this question because many people maybe consider this career talking about plastic arts, others also pass and say hey but I need to know about everything you just said myths to see of sculptures fingers to see of painting drawing before entering the race and generally not if it has been a practice exam so that you show yourself that you have abilities, no the exam is drawing a little sculpture and I don’t remember.

What is one of the plastic arts?

What other little thing but it’s very simple they don’t give you plasticine they give you a sheet they put a model then like You are already focused, supposedly arts, you already have a little bit, not all of us enter with any interest, it is like to show certain capacities that you already have time and yet it is not as super important because there are people who enter more to teach the arts and they are not there. Yes, the degree is super practical, but I tell you some people do not enter as with that intention, for example, in which someone.

Who enters this career can work because most of my classmates give art classes, misfortunes, I always study art as part of it is to impart the not to show how the passion all this that led you to study arts then how to show the side I do not want to say as the positive side like the Side that you have here, not me always art because it is the whole expression of being so you know although you as if I can achieve needs is super important in and well if you cannot say it with words you can do it with art.

Study The Career Of Plastic Arts All Guidance

You can do it withdrawing you can do it with paint with a sculpture and well, mainly me and he mentioned that in the race they give you a little of everything but you already select or you go as leaning towards a certain discipline, not in my case it was ceramics, colleagues left for the engraving others for the drawing or the painting then everyone specialized was not looking for related subjects so that it is not like getting fat, it is deepening and since I mainly dedicated myself to teaching ceramics I dedicate myself as an artist I also sell work.