Physical Education Career Do you focus only on sports

Physical Education Career Do you focus only on sports
Physical Education Career Do you focus only on sports

Introduction of Physical Education Career Do you focus only on sports

Physical Education Career Do you focus only on sports. what you study in the degree of physical education, look at this degree is a very simple, simple and humble career but with the great potential physical education of what is seen in this career is basically to train by being Human as a kit not entirely, that is, not only in a physical aspect but also in a mental, ethical, physiological, and in many other areas and I think there may be certain confusions, then because listening to a degree in physical education I think they link it directly with sports, then it is what same as the sports career if you clearly say it is a great confusion the people who listen to the license In physical education, he relates it totally to sport, even the children say that we already have football, we already have football.

What is the focus of physical education?

But it is not wrong, this is one or the other approach, but the essential focus of physical education is basically as I already told you. his whole brother and it is a formative discipline that uses the game, the dynamic activities, songs to form this human being in his evolutionary stage as such and another confusion, what difference would it have then with a career as teaching well teaching is generally not teaching we know it as a teacher in front of a group that teaches either Spanish mathematics or any of these disciplines as part of teaching physical education because at the end of the day you are going to be in front of groups you can be in school you can be working with a group in your community, etc. no and teaching shares with physical education strategies so that.

The teacher can cope with the Asses in front of people in this part that they share nothing else but it is not like teaching physical education is the same but they have their own thing and Leslie that it is not good physical education and other confusions is to confuse them with degrees in sports science culture of physics and personal trainer which are undergraduate degrees that by the name you can see that if they generate confusion but if you go into more detail to see what each discipline is about, you can see that physical education is a formative stage, that is, it does not matter much the improvement of the child’s movements does not matter so much what you do but how he does it and why he does it if he is learning it, on the other hand, we have sports sciences, physical culture, and personal trainers.

That is already a more systematic process there is already more a process of polishing skills polishing of the human being that already cost for physical education now well in the science of the sport and retakes that human being and potential made all his being as such that is a big difference these two races or these races many times it is said that they are fought not that physical education is better than sports science or vice versa but they are like a puzzle that is, they are two pieces that when put together can do things that are very, very nice and good for the human being and at the end of the day, then if they are not networks they are related and they will have some matters in common but I think you could tell us now.


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What are three careers in physical education?

That A graduate of this can work very well, a graduate of this career the time in the degree that everyone throws at him to say not to be in front of the group to enter the sep to attend groups of primary secondary and so on and if it is the focus that many future physical educators who are training in this discipline give him but there are other areas he can be a gym instructor because he loves in the bachelor’s degree. z subjects related to this area you can also be an instructor of any type of sport, believe me, they also give you the foundations in this subject but from a physical education approach as we have already said, it is a training process that you can also work in sports clubs you can also work as a personal entrepreneurship something I say is that we do not classify all the degrees as simply to go for a job.

But from your discipline, you can create if you do not go you can also make sources of work it is not in the creativity of how you raise it what you do and that you contribute to society as such but if you decide to go down the path of employment, you have a wide variety of areas in which you can integrate as an employee and even Leslie with what you tell me, you also have to take into account everything that comes to change the pandemic not because it is also to consider online or that we were no longer going to face-to-face classes then co How you graduates this career because they also had to evolve and adapt to the exact current situation there is also a good problem in a problem but a challenge an obstacle with what the educators.

Who is training in these times after the matter is very practical then as You adapt this practice to do it through a platform of means of remote interaction, the teachers also did not have much knowledge or skills in technological tools, it was a total return, but you realize that each teacher at the time of using their creativity can get those ideas to float where if the substitution of the practice is not carried out I see you rescue a little of that then this is the question of the adaptability that each teacher or student must have what you would say is the ideal profile for the students of this career something What can be seen in the profile of the people who want to enter this career is that they are very outgoing two I don’t know our people.

What are the careers in physical education?

Who like to be from here to there to move they learn through movement they are more visual they are not as theoretical as such they are now as well as many mothers can say and other characteristics like that because the degree itself if you have these characteristics in your person and you know how to develop believe me that this career is going to be very good for you and I have a question because sometimes it happens in some races that not only is the part of the admission to enter the university, it is not just passing the An exam that can be of different subjects what the exam will come to you but also the practical exams in this career and generally there is a practical exam to be able to enter my university especially for the career that exists all physical education.

There was no exam practical as such, only a theoretical exam but in my same university in the sports science degree, there is a practical exam apart from the theory. so there they already care more about seeing how you come in sports in gestures etc. but in the degree of physical education there is no practical exam only theoretical but be careful not to say that in all universities it will be like that I know the stress that there if there is a practical exam, so you have to investigate the special university where are you going to go if the chip of that practical exam and how you can improve your skills so that you also do very well in the practical and theoretical exam and well I managed to focus very well Leslie Now tell us how you chose this career and that is why it will take you very, very long but.

Physical Education Career Do you focus only on sports
Physical Education Career Do you focus only on sports

What is the importance of sports in physical education?

I will do it and much less when we are teenagers because it may be the occasion that we already know that we are going to study and we are already very sure but it can also be the other side of rhythm to know or for what direction to give it on my occasion I can tell you that since before the last semester of high school I knew and wanted that it was going to be I was a dentist and I had well established that because then what each profession does and then you get interested a little bit but the last semester of high school arrived and it was not left as my mind went blank and it was time to present or take out files and I did not know what to do seriously to the point that I did not know how to do this or do the other, I did not know anything at least it helps and there.

I go when it came in now if my mother where they always try to direct you and she asked me a very key question He let me know that you don’t know what to study but tell me what you would do without being paid or without receiving a monetary aspect and I on that day well I said how am I going to work for free? First, you think that but then when you start to reflect when your Mom begins to open up the panorama a little for you and you say hey if it is true there are certain activities that I do not feel that time passes there are certain activities that I like to be doing daily and that I do not feel that It is a job as such.

But I enjoy it and I am from primary to secondary school I was always involved in this sport of physical education I liked it a lot although I had had teachers because as many of us know that they can not do anything to us I also had teachers who very good and that’s where I started to get a little taste and began to reflect so I said no because if physical education has many signs and it was to investigate the universities what materials they gave as they launched and I came across the degree of physical education and science of the sport, then another conflict I can study them because there you see me give myself the task of investigating what physical education is about, in which it can work and also sports science.