Mechanical Engineer All About Studying Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer All About Studying Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineer All About Studying Mechanical Engineering

Introduction Of Mechanical Engineer All About Studying Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer All About Studying Mechanical Engineering. All the engineering with this knowledge to you can solve more complex problems than after pruning other examples in mechanical engineering these chemical fundamentals to determine different properties of some materials to make a screw then without confusing them with the other races I feel that mechanics again is everything but you use all that extensive knowledge to do to solve very complex problems, on the other hand, other engineering companies, in my opinion, you go and focus on our discipline and I have to comment on the text because.

What does mechanical engineer study?

I believe that it is part of me and you exist, it has also been mechanical, it is also dynamic. Well, it is a common mistake to think that a mechanical engineer is exclusive to cars, maybe a car repairs him as a mechanic because it goes much further, not much further, in fact after we talk about the different industries in which a mechanical engineer can work in use transportation is just one of 10 12 15 20 industries in which a mechanical engineer to work so what you learned in mechanical engineering may help you understand more easily how a car works and how all the parts work together for an engine or a suspension or a chassis but you are not an engineer by Carlos Jose Raul And I am very curious to ask you this, you are from Mexicalli Mexico and you tell me.

That you studied for your degree in New York but I know that you also saw some time in San Francisco in Carolina in Los Angeles Right now you live in San Diego so you know tell us a little about that How did you do it to get there? Well, it was high school, so everyone from kindergarten to high school studied it in Mexico at the end of high school, thinking about where I was going I always had dual citizenship in order, I don’t know, so I decided to venture to I came to the United States to study, I was the oldest brother, so the first to enter my family’s career, the first to study in the United States.

Mechanical Engineer All About Studying Mechanical Engineering

Then you can imagine all the limits to measure when learning a different educational system and how did you get to New York because it is very far from Mexicalli, how did you choose there to see how it was? Well, if I lie to you in San Diego, let’s start to Diego in a school where he studied the common core mathematics, calculations, chemistry, physics of dynamics, and the next step was to choose a university where it will lead to the classes that are engineering itself, there are many resources here such as fair job fair college fairs on the internet there is too much information the school I found it through my brother he went to a college fair came home with a lot of pamphlets and book writers and stickers and so on and that’s for the I was interested in starting the magazine with which I arrived I was very interested in school I got on the internet to investigate more about it I liked the program that Because.

What do you need to study to be a mechanical engineer?

I had mechanical engineering I put it in comparing the rankings in comparison with other schools in the area and the country and it seemed to me that it was a super good super venous that with me is a technological institute and many times that means that it is A little more learning a little more didactic a little more Henson make you put together build design things and not everything is theoretical in technical institutes most of the time learning is very didactic and I have a question for you. It might be better for someone else to be able to study in the United States, I am seeing your whole life in Mexicali, leading the school in Mexicalli but you say that in the dual nationality that I have done this, a lot of Mexicalli happens, not because.

We live on the border and a lot of people have dual nationality but for example, if I live in Guadalajara I live in Mexico City this one knows if it is the same way or soat applies and rather Having dual citizenship helped me to bring dual citizenship in terms of economic-financial issues, the tuition for internships are very expensive there are many scholarships and many resources and many aids available that this is not a limitation but I feel I did not have to deal with visas, he didn’t have to deal with permits, he didn’t have to deal with paperwork, so I don’t know, it didn’t make it easier, but for people who don’t have that. the ease I do not want it to be a limitation, the truth is there are many this and other resources and facilities are more I have my friends maybe a career.


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New York from Guatemala from Mexico and have friends from JuΓ‘rez Honduras from the Dominican Republic Costa Ricans then no or no there are no limits the truth we live in a clear globalized world and how did you decide to study mechanical engineering since when did you know when you have the mind No, she is not a novice and like many other people from the 3rd grade of primary school, but it turns out that she wants to be an engineer as I grew older, I began to become more proficient in mechanical engineering, but the aerospace and civil electrical engineer came to my mind. head and as I tell you how I am of very varied tastes in terms of curiosity and knowledge and knowing how things function I gradually realized that mechanical engineering running ay growing.

What are 5 things mechanical engineers do?

There are many many little things that you are telling you for engineering that you are curious to know how things work Greece how disastrous it was to disarm me and want to return the weapons that if something decomposed you would tear it to pieces and to see how you participate in them and everything that you like the most mathematics and Physics in school I had a very cool opportunity in high school when the test of having an engineering internship but there was no degree In high school, a high school teacher, Maria, got me an interview with her husband. We are going to meet a sony quality manager or quality director, who will be at the end of high school, everything between high school and uni, 23 months that summer.

I did an internship at sony. in the quality department and it was left as in the practice so definitive that he told me you know that you are on the right path so no idea of what yours that generates me mechanics is in singing and this and well the decision was made again to Through the experiences growing up and culminating in that grain that summer doing internships I am already super sure and something and I think so without important that I did is that or you want it is curious that you like many things because I say what I know you because you like everything that has to do with off-road cars, you like everything here camping, you’re super technological, I already know that you have clear robots and nash those that clean, let me put a wait on you Anita but I think.

What are the 7 types of mechanical engineering?

It is something that to date, that is, not just from you say to high school and when I was in the uni I think it is something that characterizes you and the good positive that the career as you said joker allows you also even if you do not dedicate yourself to all your interests as professionals but you know how things work and kill that you like in such academic subjects as I say that it is the wild card race you have the common core of many others and if you regret it, good at it Better a mechanic is not my thing and you switch to electric, maybe you did not miss a semester or a class or two classes that is, it is civil, do not think, you can jump in engineering in the first year in the second year And it does not lose it then also to me it gave me a certain comfort to know.

That if as soon as my career progressed gradually that all this could change my decision without wasting so much time and josΓ© raΓΊl now talk to us at that a graduate of this career can work because as I was saying a little while ago, there are many industries in which they worked and geomechanics can work in the petrochemical and energy chemical industry, whether its classical or renewable or nuclear energies in the transportation industry that you can divide it en es terrestrial maritime aerospace space in our sustainable development the manufacturing industry of food drinks manufacturing takes the classic invoice and you join the biomedical many do not think but also valid the academy can continue their studies to a master’s doctorate or two or three doctorates in qatar academy that is also tell us what you do because we practice less than a little what I do and what I do as a production engineer and automate the manufacturing process for the start of pharmaceutical and biotechnology.