Interview with an Electronic Engineer He tells us all about studying electronic engineering

Interview with an Electronic Engineer He tells us all about studying electronic engineering
Interview with an Electronic Engineer He tells us all about studying electronic engineering

Introduction of Interview with an Electronic Engineer He tells us all about studying electronic engineering

Interview with an Electronic Engineer He tells us all about studying electronic engineering.[Music] Hi, how are you? I’m very happy as always, you already know that we have to do the interviews and this time it’s a very special one because I’m going to do it with a very good friend from Mexicalli. We both practically started our projects at the same time. so we have been supportive with each other for quite some time I am going to interview Fernando 2 math kit with everyone who will already know more about his story he is an electronic engineer.

Why electronic engineering is important?

I think they are going to love this interview now you are who I am very glad that you are here, at last, this interview can be done after so long, how are you? telecommunications but sometimes all the points are no longer what you do because I know that it is also something we will go uncommon for an electronic engineer but the truth is that it is super interesting and to me, the truth is that I love your story but let’s see what you see yourself as a student of electronic engineering how I see people I think it has changed a lot.

Interview with an Electronic Engineer He tells us all about studying electronic engineering
Interview with an Electronic Engineer He tells us all about studying electronic engineering

Especially due to the development of technologies but I feel that one of the most important of electronics a lot of our friend max in an article that has to be good in mathematics to like the taste and mathematics because although but as vehicles to develop that have a very pleasant taste because the math practically helps you to explain all the phenomena for physics because practically public law is iconic in material contexts in Mexico they are related to general engineering but that does not work for example differential calculus is of all physics Newton physics of magnetism physics [Music] necessary the vocation is the most important part a little bit.

What do Electronics Engineers study?

I’m like studying a little philosophy because I realized that we need many worlds in the urban part, the assets are used to be researchers, everything works, research is something that many in the university after a year through natural mind your mental career and practically apply all the knowledge of the car as in engineering and it is very interesting. After all, it is already tangible precisely what you put in every day you can create it because it is viable because seeing it work and that is very nice because you realize that everything that has developed from the other primary school was high school and you arrive Then finally to transform and create things from what.

I learned over more than 12 years of experience, no and what kind of subjects do you see in electronic engineering? I agree that the first subject that I act on always calls electrical circuits is the theory of how the physical apparatus work the resistances that the batteries that are the electric current generators [ Music] because they are very common or more common than the lamp do not work, how the phone works, we charge two and then every day that dominates this part.


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Which is the most important part of electronics, to master them now we are going to create smaller devices but then You create circuits yourself that help you to be able to make electronics work, sound and music, what they try to do is that the sound when it reaches the ears, listen as best as possible, that it listens to us saturated that forms were heard and the bass the middle ones. treble bass and it is a challenge because the teacher that but the most difficult element is only to function because.

Which is correct electronic engineering or electronics engineering?

It is as if you had as he indicated that it is one thing but if there are many people they put many ingredients [Music] it made a disaster account that the goal of that account that it is not easy electronic devices if we start for example in devices that are easier to build updated its Body uploaded with 235 things and already teaching the basics helps us a lot to have the ability to develop skills about the problem thanks to engineering they help us a lot to reason in a mathematically logical way about things so that when we face work-life we can have that critical thinking of problem-solving because not only do I attribute a lot to it and say all the subjects and design electronic circuits applied to microcontroller electronics although.

This was never my interest although I know that the most important thing now in the future but for example digital communication to logic accounting communication to connect it to the telephone we put it and if it does not work and what kind of bacteria or issues surprised you that you saw in the race and that you did not expect that you were going to see that through a telephone another was the digital electronics that It is what they call the electronics of the future because I am new a little context Or if you are, digital electronics is how to develop computers binary numbers supposedly is a technology that before everything was with other codes and we closed.

But Louis was surprised because for example in that matter we were able to create one as the final project and then the operation The machine that helps you do ism from scratch by designing the mathematical and mathematical equations of the magna because it is different from algebra normally and the tute of building the circuit that allows you to work in sections and then connect the microcontrollers is like the most and I remember that you told me that something that you did not fully expect was the subject or the load also of chemistry, not that many people do not think that it goes to physics that mathematics takes away but.

What do we learn in electrical and electronics engineering?

That you also see chemistry in this career to me I like it I like the problem was that I have been in two subjects in the fourth semester, which is like the second year, very different things. This year a battery of others is called optics, more being and conductors that matter because I think they are from the news that you have simply thought yes but the problem is that as I understood it frustrated me right to enter classes was the one that I was going to turn on absolutely nothing and today I am taking it up again, I say to these phenomena because now many of the new technologies have been chosen in fact, discounts of music, that is, the fact that.

Interview with an Electronic Engineer He tells us all about studying electronic engineering

We can be talking from miles away and music is not a coincidence because Well, people who live that experience physical mathematics and chemistry discriminate one hundred percent to understand other things that later I can even assure that all engineering without exception all industrial mechanics are elements to build things we are metals, not metals and another common confusion is engineering electronics electrical engineering, to begin with, it gives the names also similar but which one would be Unlike a unit because they have to go to electrical substations 7 the difference explains is that the electrical line is based precisely on five big ones.

Which engineering has highest salary?

It would be called high-power range, but I reset to the low background and it was material of electronic power electronics that is, it is not the fact of handling high electric currents but the fact of the machines as we are not interacting if it is true electronics is based on smaller things but it is not that it is exclusive because sometimes for an electrical electronics and to us the mention a little of choosing until then we did not extend to one of the other it is not that one closed because the other simply the fields in which you can use tests are different but always at some point they will complement each other because Well, due to the following dynamics, surely.

The difference would be nothing more than a job field and size and by the way, if you need to prepare for your exam For admission, I recommend you go to where you can reinforce, review and practice everything you need to prepare to see classes on all the topics of your exam, tasks from each module, mock exams and live classes every week, right there you can choose The university where you are going to apply and learn everything about the course as well as customize your simulator, that is if you want it for 15 minutes of 25 minutes of an hour or on what topics you want to focus 2 and now tell me what an electronic engineer can work on who is dedicated to the design and creation of circuits.