Interview Television producer and creator of digital content He studied communication

Interview Television producer and creator of digital content He studied communication
Interview Television producer and creator of digital content He studied communication

Introduction of Interview Television producer and creator of digital content He studied communication

Interview Television producer and creator of digital content He studied communication. hello, welcome to a new article a new interview this time I am with Antonio Betancourt who is a producer and creator of digital content hello Antonio hello how are you doing very well thank you for being here to accept the invitation and let me tell you that Antonio is a digital producer of three of the most important television networks such as band max to choose and different comedy so I’m very excited to have you here Antonio who has accepted this from several kilometers away and that we can do it so well, let’s talk a little about Let me be there first, thank you very much for the invitation.

Digital marketing and social networks very well

The truth is that I am also very happy I love talking about this kind of thing and well, I studied communication science, I have a degree in communication science and I am currently studying a master’s degree in digital marketing and social networks very well ok and see tell us that I think it is something that well There we are going to know much more about you than what you do well, look, I am a digital producer I work for Televisa and let’s say that my position has a 360 of all the digital communication that exists for the article everything that touches with digital communication that the people somehow understand as digital-only social networks but in reality.

It is a whole they are mobile applications they are websites if there is a technology issue that and here the website for example when the telehit awards came well well a whole software was built for it The subject of giving away tickets, everything that touches digital has to go through the digital producers and we already reviewed it with the different teams then just and as you said a while ago I am a digital producer of telehit to choose music from band max that is just Paulina who is a colleague who was also with band max and district comedy talk to me a normal day of work is that my days in In reality.

They are not so equal to each other, for example, generally, Mondays are for reports every Monday I deliver reports of the data and what was achieved and what was pending from the previous week and I have meetings all day with all the teams From the different channels and from the different areas I made you social networks in the applications and the website is the technology area just to review what was pending and what we can work on this week on Tuesdays this is something very normal on Tuesdays We recorded a newscast in the comedy district, so he also reviewed the scripts that it is super good, I make the call with the host and we record, but throughout the week I already have different meetings about.


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We start to fly our imagination to it

What is happening if there is a topic of a sale, for example Well, we already have a meeting with the client or with the sales team to see what they want and we, well, we start to fly our imagination to it. later this week we have many meetings to be checking if a music festival is coming so a new interview is coming if a new program is coming well you have to build a launch strategy that you have to review with all the teams In addition to all the recordings, if there are recordings of a comedy program, a telehit program, a band max program, and we have to go to the recordings also depending on the content that we are going to raise if we are going to go with a camera or.

It is only going to go to a photographer or the social network’s team will go alone or a photo session will be done for the new launch through the websites so depending on it depends a lot in reality on how the weeks progress as such no I have super defined activities, the only thing defined and certain is that on Tuesdays we always record the comedy district news that me It’s time to produce it and on Mondays where are you if you report that is how not the only thing super fixed and all week depending on if to recordings and there are prizes you can meet the winners to wait for the prizes there is some issue because just people believe that He only has social networks.

Because he does not know everything that involves putting out a contest for example you are going to give away shirts so you have to have advice issues you have to review with the legal team with the sales team and well, my week is filling up And see if I also understood well why I was saying is the sat news script and before they show it and tour I suppose that the magazine’s adjustments ask for changes so you are also more in a position in which you are directing a team, other people, also later in Its because in those meetings that speak up to the creative part and you already put the final touch according to the clients or what ex has to do is that yes.

The case of the comedy district news

But it also depends a lot on The project, for example, in the case of the comedy district news, the one who writes the scripts is the editorial team because they are, let’s say, much closer to the information that is happening day by day, so they write the script and send it to me more so as not to both to make changes but more to check that there is not a sensitive issue that we cannot touch like uh and this I feel very very sensitive, better we change this note or change the tone of the text of the auction but in reality, as they send the script if there is no such thing as any topic because also being a comedy echo site because we talk about MMS, etc. but.

If there is something else that we prefer not to touch and for example, in the case of the specials we are just checking the theme of the oscar awards there it is my turn to build the script and the rundown 100% because well I have the entire creative conception in my head so I am the one who says how you imagine the program c as how the script is developed, what the conductors have to say, etc., there are other programs where if the creative team comes in and together we download different ideas, etc., but it depends a lot, like each program, on which budget production because there are also times the budget for There are other times that a very large team does not.

Then it depends a lot, as from the program there are already times nothing else, the way he threw it away so that everything is flowing and going well or there are other times when I have to fully enter To produce literal, I never have to record because if there is a team, neither do I edit but I do supervise the edition that it is recorded well that this mount in the proper way is the lighting that the talent arrives on time that the catering of all the services is It depends a lot on the project, it is on the move we have to be doing, let’s say wow, it seems super interesting and it is no longer practical I know that You studied communication.

Interview Television producer and creator of digital content  He studied communication
Interview Television producer and creator of digital content He studied communication

The form of cameras or perfect souvenirs

But let’s see how you got to this job, well, look, actually, I always try to summarize I always wanted to work on television, always, that is, since I was a child, I remember asking the kings for cameras at that time because there were no such cameras as cheap then they brought me toys in the form of cameras or perfect souvenirs that they brought me of these pieces to put together and I built my cameras as I gave one to the game a form of camera that I was recording is traced since in truth since I was 43 years old.

I always wanted to work on television and I loved to watch children’s novels for example because I imagined how that kind of thing was done, so I was growing up with the idea that I wanted to work on television, so I didn’t know what burden it was. What to study or what was the easiest way to get to work on television but right on the path of Thebes, addicting to it, you will not be able to do it, it is very complicated. Oly people with money come in or people who have contacts or people who are pretty or you know or it is like.

That along the way you are vitiating this type of thing but I said to see it, no I am not going to become vitiated then just when I I was 16 years old and I said well, if it will be so difficult that I started working on television, I am going to build my television channel and it is when he built the young TV that to this day we continue to do so that at the time It was one of the most important digital communication media because it was one of the first, we made alliances with many bids, it is that we had super strong exclusive interviews.