Integral Designer 🌍 What Does The Integral Design Career Cover

Integral Designer 🌍 What Does The Integral Design Career Cover
Integral Designer 🌍 What Does The Integral Design Career Cover

Introduction Of Integral Designer 🌍 What Does The Integral Design Career Cover

Integral Designer 🌍 What Does The Integral Design Career Cover. What you studied, ok, I studied the integral design career and it covers three branches of design that are graphic design, industrial design, and interior design, although then there are three careers in hunosa design Integral are three races in one of what is it then or that it is about you being able to perform p Comprehensive projects from the corporate image to whether you are doing the design of the product itself and you can also design the spaces of the space, for example, of the company you are working with, well, to be able to do the whole project in integral Now.

What does an integrated designer do?

I have completed it and how many years does that degree last? I started my professional internship I started working in a construction company that covers construction and design I work in the communication area to date it is still there and since practically my daily task is to make a magazine that covers what is editorial design and graphic design and I also do flyers announcements etc. because right now I am also working As a freelancer to start in fact and I am doing external projects with different clients and well, what I do is branding designs of etcetera and so on and also lately I have done merge design and I also do paintings I also have my artistic side so.

Integral Designer 🌍 What Does The Integral Design Career Cover

I like to paint that It’s more like a hobby, but then I also do that, I do a bit of everything and well, some of the things that they can do as graduates and professionally would be I’m working in a graphic design studio, working in an interior design studio, they could also work. as in an architectural firm but well in the design area, you can also work in corporations either in the communication area as I am or in the marketing area very well then at the end of the day it is how you can see a little bit of everything, therefore, your jobs can also be very varied you cannot work many types of projects before a company That’s what an office is like, etc. True yes indeed.

What is an integrated design agency?

If you see a little of everything then if the panorama you have is very varied and right now I will talk to you more hungry to see this part I think it is very interesting, tell me how did you get to this career and That is a very long story that I am going to have here all night write the story but hey I am going to tell you roughly what I did. I realized that it was not my thing so I decided to leave and I got into fashion design and I mean, I really always had a very very artistic profile 21, and then I knew that this way the path goes but I did not know exactly what it was that I liked anymore that I spent about a year in the fashion design career.

I also realized that it was not my thing then because I aborted my mission again and I left the career again I did not study for a while r because I did not know what to enter until I saw this career. After all, what caught my attention is that it encompassed three branches of design so my problem was always that I did not know what you wanted miliaries lawfully, that is, this did. I saw how I said well, that is, really well, there I will find out, I think it’s a video, then I think that and if I can figure out what I like and what is mine, I am Andrea and a question like you said that a year in architectures at semesters you realized that it was not for you.


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But a package this account began to go more subjects or you simply did not like tableau create the school to see a little of everything really already when I started doing projects rather as more specific projects because really when I was already doing architectural projects this one I realized that no, I don’t like it but it was not something that fascinated me and all these careers all the creative careers what it is that they are very demanding with your time then you really have to like what you are doing but really if you get fed up you abort the mission because hey and I know how many people are may feel in a situation similar to yours.

What should a cover letter include in a design?

That is a career that they are saying to change and if they want to ask you, for example, how did it go with your parents when you said no and then enter that other one and then Felipe and then let’s see how did you do with efe ok well in principle the first time I left well it really was not like that boy because they told me no because nothing happens or well jump and you see that you want to study well and the second time Well, really, my parents told me how, hey, sit down, we want to talk to you, because what are you going to do or what do you want to do? study elsewhere because I did not know what I wanted because if it lasts.

I think a year to enter another career until I saw this career and I said the picture is if I believe that it is already the definitive one apart well the third andrΓ©s I think that because it is a career that involves three other careers or three areas there may be some confusion, which would you say are the most common confessions of the career and that of number one has been integrated is that many people think that by entering to design in general, or in any branch of design, I think this happens, they think you have to know how to draw, or a lot of people enter with fear that I don’t know if I’m going to be a good designer because I don’t know how to draw, etc.

Which design career pays the most?

But I don’t you have to know or that is to say that during the career you take subjects that where they give you techniques to learn to draw letting go of the hand etc. etc. to sketch then really that you are learning the same You are not going to do not, that is, you are not going to be an expert in drawing but if you learn and if you grasp the technique and if you improve the ‘number two’ that is not a career where you do crafts and it is something else that I think in any career They tell you about design but more here why I feel that many people who saw what we did in that career if they stay like what’s up with your crafts.

That you spend doing or it is the purpose of you to do different things or different projects to say handcrafted and we do them throughout the career is with the purpose that you learn processes, learn to use materials such as how is the process of the use of these materials and therefore also to stimulate creativity that is very important in this type of careers and the very important third is that it is not only creating beautiful things, design is not only creating beautiful things.

It is really learning to detect a need that the user has And from that you create a solution that has a functionality obviously it has to be aesthetic for you to call La Plata but not only the pretty ones that teach you to develop that skill, many people have come to say how to make me a design is not this pretty quick easy but There brings me back and it is not a whole process, the truth is, and if it is work and if it is sketching and really, if it is to invest time in it, right now, what did you tell me that others think they are skills because of the work they are doing during their career, tell us.