Industrial Design what Areas Can An Industrial Designer Work

Industrial Design what Areas Can An Industrial Designer Work
Industrial Design what Areas Can An Industrial Designer Work

Introduction Of Industrial Design what Areas Can An Industrial Designer Work

Industrial Design what Areas Can An Industrial Designer Work. We manufacture things but that’s just like the misunderstanding of the race is sometimes more than just doing beautiful things. A good design has everything that is encompassed from ergonomics planning to aesthetic design and ease of mass manufacturing that basically How would I do it? They are within the industry to make it a successful script design. Hello, how are you welcome to a new video? This time I am with Mario Abel Padilla Casillas who is going to tell you about his career.

What industries do industrial designers work in?

We also agreed to have this interview so the truth is that I am very excited. Hi Marta. You were good, I have a degree in industrial design and I am a graduate of the design faculty very well and I know that this career can suddenly be confused with architecture for saying to this one in the architecture faculty, design is confused with graphic design, let’s see what it is. good industrial design for those who do not know the career this is about the development of innovations to solve problems in furniture and services to solve with a purpose to facilitate people some activity has given one or some this exercise more or less.

It is basically the architects do like the building we are all inside that suddenly also something that I have heard this career that you tell me and Silvio says no they do not say that it is so much the career they do not teach you to be furniture sometimes They say that but or what is beyond true, if it is not, it is one of the faults is to learn to be furniture because then It is like the first approach in ergonomics that is in a matter of measurements of the human body this but it is that making the furniture involves knowing the material knowing the processes that have to be done so that the material turns out as you want it to turn out. the size that you have to have talked about furniture I do not know about the chair for a certain group of people that if it is for children for adults for the elderly.

Industrial Design what Areas Can An Industrial Designer Work

It is the making of the furniture that entails having very broad knowledge so that the product can arrive To be the chair as such and to have a talk to me, what kind of subjects do you see in this race? Common, therefore, is the history of the art of knowledge of color development of the activity but nothing already entered into the material of what this design is industrial position most important ergonomics both would commit this design materials and processes this models and models that are something very very important this what is called this design plan is logistics in matters of work times rest times this production all that kind of things today In Mario and what can a graduate of this career work on, good someone who returns to the career of this industry because for the same career.

What is the career path for an industrial designer?

That has so many ramifications and so many things that they teach you about materials and processes, for example talking about Mexicalli you can enter The industry in an automotive space area generates this real estate from America like you, as you say, but you can also enter questions of jewelry clothing in the food area and also in the talk of services that is like improving some transport system of some process line system in a factory that is, it has many, many lines or For example, what I do that is not so explored is to work in the area of film and television, they also want what you have to ask what you do or what are you interested in in the area of film and television but what do you do there as an industrial designer Well, two years ago.

I had the pleasant opportunity to work in the area of the art department on television. moment of being in a short film in a commercial in a series and currently it is everything and I have just entered a special effects studio where I have to make fiberglass molds sculptures of epoxy resin clay that have touched me more now also do like mechanisms for animatronics so there the view goes on this side but interesting today there is a question in the race for the pp that you are and fiber of v Idrio or Barro teaches you to use this type of materials also if this is the way the race divides it into 10 semesters it is a long race and each semester there is a subject called Jesus materials of the number 10 so each semester they teach you new material And all.


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The process to handle them without normal memory is to start by focusing on ceramics and they teach you all these questions of modeling in ferrous materials, they will be ceramics of different types, how to use pigments, then you enter my favorite woods are ceramics and you learn to make assembly cuts such as to give this Saturday the determinants of how to take care of the material ecological awareness also because it is very important after being in the semester touches mental and they also teach you how to handle the same material from how to know how to compare it to know how to join it because sometimes it is not very noble it is metal material but then it has all the processes then it follows compounds that is my favor and what is it that I do now.

What all comes under industrial design?

What are these fiberglass epoxy resins this latex silicones and from that, we started with filaments that are 3d prints that are this handling of different types of materials for all these types of technologies that are now very at the forefront that have facilitated many things in matters of nanotechnology in matters of constructions at smaller levels and recent semesters it is already like the encompassing of all this knowledge to be able to create a product already using the materials and processes that then you need means to industrial design it is a little like interior design a little of the police architecture theme so it also goes inside is a little engineering I suppose that also then what is also mathematics yes, of course, this me before entering the race industrialist that.

I was in engineering and I think I stay a lot because many people think that he The faculty does not have as much an attachment to mathematics as engineering and it is true that there are frictions in engineering and architecture or rather engineering design this matter of graduates with engineers but in reality, they go hand in hand always always always all The materials this are like one, they always have to work in a concordant way because one is needed for the other, so if you have a bit of architecture because you have to place yourself within the spaces to know if in suitable materials ovens in moisture issues aesthetic issues of economic and issues also because you have to work with the material that surrounds the space, you also carry.

Industrial Design what Areas Can An Industrial Designer Work

Some of this because engineering issues due to the question of manufacturing lines the question of process planning in the administration of money to be able to produce the product you want to make that is also very important and then In general, there it is like the encompassed super super comics, and to see how you chose this career, you all said that you were first an engineering and I changed it until you see how it was, well, look at me good from the past to the present and the current engineering people because well I I left one of a vacation high school I left as an electronics technician I have industrial engineers parents in fact and it was like a thug, it is Mexicalli, it is a city that if you are an engineer.