How Do I Know If I Have A Wrong University Degree

How Do I Know If I Have A Wrong University Degree
How Do I Know If I Have A Wrong University Degree

Introduction Of How Do I Know If I Have A Wrong University Degree

How Do I Know If I Have A Wrong University Degree? Who had a career they did not like and they left from leaving graphic design architecture political science nursing law engineering mechatronics so believe me leaving a career because you don’t like it is more common than you think and that doesn’t mean you won’t be successful in your life ok that’s going to define your whole future because The people I mention are in a very good place right now, from doctors to someone who opened her design office, to a friend who just finished her styling salon? limo so not making the wrong career is not a failure what can happen is that you may say.

What do I do if I choose the wrong university courses?

I think I made the wrong career but you are not sure if you made a mistake if it is time to rethink your future and change your path So we are going to do a test in which I will help you to check if you made a mistake in your career or I do not ask you to listen to each point analysis applies to you if it applies to you you will add a point if it does not apply you do not add any points like that Let’s go with the first one, you do not like or excite the subjects of your career and here as always, I tell you to read the study plan before entering the race this is like buying a house you have to know how many rooms it has, how many bathrooms and they have a garage the same thing with the careers then.

How Do I Know If I Have A Wrong University Degree
How Do I Know If I Have A Wrong University Degree

It was that right now you say no, I do not like the subjects of my degree but that they are not just from this semester you have to review the study plan to see if they are the ones from now and the that come in the future now is not like you have to like 100% of the study plan, perhaps some subjects do not attract so much attention but with 70 to 80% it is okay if you review you say no it does not attract my attention the vast majority of the subjects of my career take a point you are starting to have bad grades the grades can be a sign that we are wrong in the race and not just because we are not given but because we do not like our performance begins to drop due to For example.

How do I know if I’m studying the right thing?

If you are a person who is from primary secondary preparatory, you had very good grades and from nowhere they started to go down, maybe if you made the wrong career if it is true that in the race you start having more difficult subjects, therefore, your grades but other reasons because you don’t like it, you don’t try hard, it’s not your thing and sometimes no matter how hard you try, you can’t get good grades because you’re not in it. the right place to get these points I interviewed some people who told me their experience of making the wrong career and there was a case that told me that he was in engineering and right now he is in communication and says.


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That you are the bad ones with light and qualifications until after he left to import a weapon that it provides, since what can I do then if you are lowering your grades, the sum is a point, no matter how hard you try, you don’t understand the classes and this goes beyond the grades because there are people who are very clever and can have good grades but she does not understand the concept here it is no matter how much you study what you try, the overflows do not stick to you, there was a friend who told me that it happened to her that everything is memorized because no more then she did not understand better then what was memorized and that is.

Is it normal to not like your major?

How she looked do your homework and pass the exams if this happens to you add a point you feel like the ugly duckling and it is not that we all have to be the same and a copy of e students of a career but when you make a mistake if you feel very different happens that you see your super excited classmates smiling in love with the course of the subjects and what comes in the future and when you compare yourself you say then what a father that soft but no You feel that energy and this love and that emotion that your classmates feel at this point, it also applies that the things that you like may not attract your attention in general and you feel that.

How Do I Know If I Have A Wrong University Degree

They are people very different from you if this happens, add a point, you start to feel bad physically, more is that you do not like the classes but it begins to affect your body, your head hurts all the time, gastritis, colitis, your hair falls out or you feel extreme fatigue, there are some students who even in the hospital they end up reaching this degree of so bad that they are having it if you are there first before their death the point check tv with a doctor take medication and you need to do it and since it is the above, add a point in video of being late or flatly absent and here you live on the edge you let your alarm clock ring until the last minute you fix yourself as slowly as possible.

What do you do if you don’t like your degree?

You look for any excuse not to leave the house so fast if it is face-to-face or not to enter the class if it is online you see a little rain and you say no the best I am not going he gave me the head no improvement did not go in and the truth is that they feel very different when you like the race because Maybe it is not every day but you like it if your mate happens to you, one point you do not see yourself working on that when you think about the future and in the possible scenarios there is none that catches your attention regarding.

The labor issue. I have a friend who was in psychology and she says that she felt that everything was aimed at giving therapy, which is something that she is not attracted to nor is seen doing that in general she likes psychology in terms of theory but when in the race we went to A practical part was when the mamaé Sergio who is part of the team decided to leave, he says that he always gives him advice that is to exist in the place and see the highest positions in your area.