Electrical Engineering 50 Truths About ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING

Electrical Engineering 50 Truths About ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING
Electrical Engineering 50 Truths About ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING

Introduction of Electrical Engineering 50 Truths About ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING

Electrical Engineering 50 Truths About ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. Now welcome after a long long time I am going to write an article of 50 truths this time we are going to talk about 50 truths of studying the career of electrical engineering if you are interested in studying this career, stay and listen to the 50 truths that We have investigated with graduates and students who live in this career, we are going to see the number 1 normally lasts 4 years of course.

What are some fun facts about electrical engineering?

This will depend on whether you do a specialization or a master’s degree 2 this engineering is in charge of the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity 3 have its bases in sciences such as physics and mathematics this means that during the race you will have various subjects that have to do with physics and mathematics 4 you will learn electricity and magnetism during race 5 there are a lot of people who confuse electrical engineering with electronic engineering but they are not the same 6 is not the same to mechatronics engineering electrics mechanics and other careers with similar names.

That is why the importance of investigating if electrical engineering catches your attention you must review the subjects that you are going to see the topics that you are going to do with which you can get to work although the reality is that these careers if they have subjects in common and if they can be similar 7 there is another career called electrical civil engineering that would be a combination of civil engineering and electrical engineering is a branch of civil engineering that is responsible for generating, transporting, using and distributing the electrical energy 8 what.

If that is going to happen is that the most likely thing is that you have a common trunk with the other engineering firms that we have just mentioned as electronic mechanics etc. that depends a lot on the university but normally the first year or perhaps a year and a half This is taking subjects with people from other careers of other engineering and then as you progress you are going to go more to your career 9 it will depend on your training and the areas that interest you but in the world of work speaking of the real world after university if you will be able to have jobs and positions in common with people from the other engineering 10 the field of work and practices can be with high- altitude devices and equipment 11.


People who like many things and do not know what career to study I don’t know what to study

Do Electrical Engineers study electricity?

It will be very very important to have the appropriate safety equipment if unfortunately many people get injured by not using it properly 12 something very nice interesting this career is that there are constant technological innovations so you can be constantly learning 13 electrical engineering graduates can go to something related to the design and maintenance of electrical installations 14 can work with transformer motors generators etc. 15 many people believe.

That the work field of an electrical engineer limited to electrical installations many people They think that they are going to spend their time fixing utility poles and confuse electrical engineering with an electrician, however, the electrician probably has a technical career training 16 very good news is that he has a very broad field of work since electrical engineering takes advantage of many industries 17 can develop you in areas such as industrial maintenance telecommunications optimize control and protection systems for electrical equipment diagnosis and evaluation of electrical systems among others 18 you can even enter the field of renewable energies 19 from the first semesters you will have a large load of Be careful.

Because you want where many people decide to drop out of the race because they think it is too heavy a 20 you have to know that the math that you are going to see in the race is not the same that you saw in high school will be advanced mathematics such as differential calculus integral and m Ulti variable you will also see higher algebra etc. 21 solve problems part of your daily work 22 you will have to develop critical and innovative thinking and that is why at school they will also leave you jobs and assignments that you say and this is very good ask for it is very complete complicated but it will allow you to develop that critical thinking 23.

What is the best career path for the electrical engineer?

If you are interested in knowing what is happening around you you are curious about how things work and the phenomena that happen daily this career may be a good option for you 24 you can also work in research to solve current world problems related to electrical engineering 25 study electrical materials electrical measurements industrial instrumentation among others 26 it will also be essential to know codes and standards 27 in this career and fact in all engineering as long as we can also in all careers go to be very important to understand The concepts to memorize are learned by the hair for an exam 28 they do not teach it in the race normally.

But it will be very important to have good interpersonal communication as it will help you grow a lot in the workplace 29 you will need to learn to handle pressure especially in finals and this handling the pressure is not only going to apply to the university but also to your work 30 you should learn to transmit very specialized information simply, many times it may happen that you are trying to explain something how something works in the diagnostic evaluation that you saw of an installation not a device of something and that someone who has not been an electrical engineer will not understand you so you also need to speak.

Electrical Engineering 50 Truths About ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING
Electrical Engineering 50 Truths About ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING

Is electrical engineering a dying field?

It is a simpler way 31 out there they say in fact that when you can explain a complex issue to a child and that child can understand it is when you understood concept 2 technical language is how to learn a new language ma 33 in the electrical engineering career they will also teach you programming 34 you will know what low medium and high voltage is 35 even if you want almost no practice or prototype it will work well to perfection on the first try 36 it will be very common that in the classroom someone says but in my house if it worked or yesterday if it served 37 if you fail do not be discouraged this career has its joke 38.

It is almost certain that in your school or your university there will be advisory classes on specific topics if you have time or if it makes you It is necessary to master a topic more, take advantage of the 39 and if you take it as advice but if you master a topic, take advantage then and give advice so you will strengthen the knowledge you have on that topic and you will help others who knows maybe in the future until you fall in love with teaching sale you will hear a lot about William hoover who is considered the father of magnetism and electricity 41 a very curious fact is that mister bean Rowan Atkinson is a graduate of electrical engineering and also did a master’s degree in electrical engineering 42 it may be that as you advance in the degree.