Before And After Studying International Business

Before And After Studying International Business
Before And After Studying International Business

Introduction Of Before And After Studying International Business

Before And After Studying International Business. We have already done some interviews about this, but because it is because if the pandemic were not there, we would do it in person then I but I see we have to adapt to the situation And Daniela see tell us what you studied I have an international business degree I also have a master’s degree and I also have a specialty I am in international business and marketing very well perfect and now we talk a little about what is the international business career that you study there to look at a person who focuses on the international business career is a person who wants to do business beyond the border more Beyond Mexico, he is not a local person, it is the first characteristic of a person who wants to seek that international business career that brings a vision at some point of doing a business either in the United States, Canada, Latin America and that does not look so local.

What jobs can you get after studying international business?

This is me I think it is the main profile of the person who wants to do international business. It is another part of the profile. Marcela is a very entrepreneurial person. She has to be an entrepreneur in this career, because the word says it in business, so a person who is searching does not in the reception nothing more than the task but in the search and I think that is the great difference between this perfect career and other careers and then you tell me that international business writes to have a global vision now an entrepreneurial attitude but what would be the difference with a career such as international trade or international relations in practice in practice and a different habit of entering three careers In practice, in real life, I know people.

Before And After Studying International Business
Before And After Studying International Business

Who studied international trade, foreign relations, international relations, and international business. Much in this guideline, not the issue of international relations, foreign relations, is fashion, more political, the career of much more politics, norms, regulations, and to do it a little more, more formal politics at that point, and in the business, interest them with you is the one who takes the lead. from the point of view what he did to practice and look for their businesses abroad or in the territory but look for the business is the largest one is different and you see it quickly the profiles when we have interviewed me in the song with my interviewee international trade foreign relations and international business this vote but fast they vote very fast.

Is it worth studying international business?

The during difference very good great now tell me what a graduate of this career can work on what kind of activities in what kind of companies first the international waters race is very similar to many races it is a career that culture honestly still does not know It has given if we go in the region, for example, the region where we are currently and well let’s talk about Mexico sometimes it is still the very local person so sometimes companies play very local well very territorial and sometimes international business center and unfortunately begins to pick up those bad habits not to say he has not And to take care of our territory, do not get out of here, then, unfortunately, the international business begins to lose focus and begins to work in areas such as purchases.

They become buyers of companies, they become commercial areas, sales, or they become marketing areas, but very local. That is let’s say the bad news, what I have seen, but what I have also seen from another part of those who follow this line is because it enters an area, for example, commercial and they are looking to tell the company and we are going to export this product to me. The order of the sale in the US, then that person begins to quickly push for the company to have an autistic expansion in the marketing area, which is an area where people who graduate from this DNI career enter very often, as they begin to say, leave me to do a market study in the USA we leave a market study in central America to carry the product then they start to say to go out leave.


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A little of that territorial comfort zone and begin to generate the need that they learned in the race, for example buying sometimes enters the buying area they begin to provide premises and they start with the initial measures that I go to china- investigate suppliers that I’m not going to Korea, I’m going to Vietnam, I’m going to Russia, the United States, that hunger is not focused on them, not to search because in this race they teach us a lot about the subject of culture, the subject of the differences between the two cultures and the importance of the language of the English language of the Indico I know friends videos that the entire career who speaks in four languages so they understand all the aspects and we become more confident to face this type of negotiation.

Does international business pay well?

So this is the part where they mainly focus, hey I know that many young people have this doubt because I tell them to also look for careers that align with the things they like so the best vision I like to travel then the career business interest you can be a good option tell us you travel a lot in international business it is more than traveling hand or Carlos and I traveled a lot I am traveled a lot but more than traveling you have to like the interaction with many people from different cultures traveling I do not think that It is a requirement of the career, this was told by a nephew of mine that I told you before starting they already traveled, it is a requirement for this, you can be a marketing psychologist and engineer and you may like to travel, it will be very successful.

But the career will not travel the most. you must like to interact you must like to get to a place a person with a different culture or let’s say different experiences and simply feel comfortable in starting a relationship with this person talk is more than anything this is more than anything the desire to want to pick up the phone and be able to talk to enjoy going to travel and see you with a strange person and spend two hours of incredible doing business more than anything this h Ability no no no it does not go much with traveling today what are you saying then that is also a pleasure because I think it also has to be a pleasure in interacting with people the social part that what would you say for those people who are thinking of studying this career already They better think or say.

How today is that since I am a more timid person, it is suddenly difficult for me to work, but if I am interested in national businesses, if I have that taste, I am struck by knowing how to have a global vision of how the economy works in other countries but they say but I am shy what would you say for those cases if you like doing business it does not matter that you are shy look at this website I am also a shy person many say it does not seem to be a person I am very shy introvert probably to some extent and what Do you in this career of Pinilla be a company I was employed for a long time and you begin to understand certain concepts of the company claw of security but sometimes you want to set your laws for your work but all the experience is later taken by undertaking and with the shyness or introvert you are because you set your rules but as an apprentice, it is a path and to observe even those people how they work.

Does international business travel a lot?

He tells me I will take care of this then you set your rules because they are setting your guidelines but shyness is not bad from point view it is not bad being an introvert I am an introvert it is not bad you learn step by step not now well in leaving being something very important, being an extrovert does not guarantee your success in this career I know extroverted people who have not done well in this career the professionals entered discharges that salt which is something I believe in a way you are more spectators psychologist but I On the subject of practice, I see that.

They do not have much to do with the action if an introvert attraction to his form and an extrovert may not be more scandalous, but I think That this is not a point, I think that more people do not enter this career, the guys who have approached me, for example, obviously I have a relative of Pepe’s age who are going to go to university, I don’t tell them I had to have To give an objective as you see yourself all the ten years doing living more than anything working and living imagine being independent of machines working a company in the CEO traveling and meeting people.