All About The Economics Career A Complete Guide In 2021

All About The Economics Career A Complete Guide In 2021
All About The Economics Career A Complete Guide In 2021

Introduction Of All About The Economics Career A Complete Guide In 2021

All About The Economics Career A Complete Guide In 2021. How a country works how it grows to hear why things are getting more and more expensive what happens if credit is increased what happens if growth is increased What happens if taxes are increased many small variables that may be and we worry and someone’s energy says ah well, taxes did rise but small adjustments can make real chaos or a real achievement for several years and that is very economical and Manolo broadly speaking.

What is a career in economics?

I know that many people who can also confuse study economics and is Ku rt study the finance career what would be the difference dance and confuse the part of economics finance suddenly accounting administration as it encompasses many times he has asked me and Everest what is best for me I am between administration economics but they are different economics like this It is very mathematical and it is very to understand countries with you and if certain models also use a lot of statistics to make certain projections that are called econometrics.

All About The Economics Career A Complete Guide In 2021
All About The Economics Career A Complete Guide In 2021

This is a very specific area to understand how a country works if you want to work for example in it can be from a treasurer in a company wants to work in public policy designing certain laws or enter the finance part I want to enter the bank of mexico I want to enter the economy secretariat where certain lessons are taken at the country level and type small decisions as later there are people who listen because they don’t print more money and they distribute it to everyone I’m going to die not to Increase spending on education and spending on health because it takes a lot, usually agreement, there is a lot to do.

What jobs can I get if I study economics?

There are many areas of opportunity, but then they have to have an analysis because if you spend more on health, then you have to collect more taxes, you have to do more things. It is the part of economics finance that let me tell you that I am more financial I like plants more than economics but things go very hand in hand finance is more for those who like the part of investments hey I want to work in a bank I want to work in An insurer I want to get into issues of the stock market I want to get into portfolio issues of managing investments of people or companies or being the treasurer of the company and investing the resources of the same company because.

The joke is that the money is not left In a bank account in the differences that the money begins to move with a strategy is very exciting would go down and that would be more finances and there are sister careers so management accounting statistical probability that you take subjects within the curriculum, for example, I in probability statistics subjects administration subjects that you are even with others I was with people other commando careers well I am you that you study to act and help them because.

Is economics a good career?

We are making calculations together an economist to learn more basic calculus is not so much the level of an actuary the level of other careers he loved me very mathematics but if we carry robust mathematics and I know that there are many young people who They are concerned about saying studying economics art that saying mathematics is going to be a very difficult career to see what your opinion of this economy is I think yes it is difficult compared to everything not compared to flowers they are wrong but I do believe that compared to several of the administrative branch such as administration since economics can have more mathematics and it depends on how much.


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It is difficult for you, no doubt, to be in economics, you have to like mathematics because I remember those in the entire curriculum, I do not know 50 subjects because about 20 did very mathematics and others took Some impossible mathematical no Danish as well as what they say which is that they blew it we are seeing complexes but yes yes you do suddenly see some advanced intermediate statistical calculations without going into much detail then if you have you have to like it and here is something that.

What is the highest paying job in economics?

I also want to ask you because I know that it is something that comes to pass through the minds of some that they think is that if you study economics the only thing that matters to you is money because it is not rather money money money money when someone who studied economics also told us, although this is also important on the social issue, not because it is also the relationship between goods and sati spacer the goods of the society is not that in short, it is all this of correct money people that I if we give a follow-up to graduates to my colleagues and I have already been 12 years that I return later if I ask them and how they do that.

What are you up to and There are everything there are people who got into the financial branch and are not so much a forward banker in a branch in the corporate making certain analysis models of profitability analysis others are in the public sector if they got into today I am in the secretariat of education Such is the one of such branches that if they have to do with the social part, others are totally in what you say indicating eradicate poverty as it is, everything I am working in the world bank and I am applying a model to give subsidies and eradicate poverty towards the Other countries in Africa there are many many branches.