All About Studying A Bachelor Of Theater And Acting

All About Studying A Bachelor Of Theater And Acting
All About Studying A Bachelor Of Theater And Acting

Introduction Of All About Studying A Bachelor Of Theater And Acting

All About Studying A Bachelor Of Theater And Acting. That career is like more or CΓ©sar, for example, has different branches, you can go towards dramaturgy the direction of acting and if I remember correctly the production in my show I studied at the university theater center which is now a school that is no longer views and a half center but that is how we know it and the career is called the theater and acting because although it is like focused on acting and it is much more practical because we still have a bit of a function of everything from all the theater, in general, We now also have management and production subjects.

What jobs can I get with a Theatre degree?

But not a specialization in them Fernanda I always like to talk about the confusion that can suddenly talk about careers It is someone who may not study it and who has an idea of the career so I think that in the theater many people think that it will be extremely practical, not that they will not know anything else and that you will not do As every time, well, he plays a role and that’s it, but Josh’s career is like that, and as actors and as well as given actors and also as they ask, I confess that at some point I too and think because he thinks that he will never return to have to do mathematics in your life or what is not going to read so much or so and the truth is that.

All About Studying A Bachelor Of Theater And Acting

I do not believe that quite the opposite as in any university career one has to read a lot and has to investigate and has to soak up this career that one chose not today that is important as how to read what has already been written about this career and for example or my career although it was very very practical or if I had many practical subjects and it was half the day like these subjects p Rctics that to talk about right now I also had theoretical subjects and I can say that before entering the acting career I believe that I had never read so much about theater because if I never saw I had read as theories about theater I had never read so much philosophy either.

What can you do with a bachelor’s in acting?

Philosophy subjects I took subjects of theater history and among some others and for example this is also a little more practical, we are not going like that I had production subjects but when you leave the race and you realize that you also need to know about money how the theater is made with temptations or costumes, mathematics returns and then you say to the calculation I studied pto because I did not want to get away from that then. After all, it is not a false idea, the truth is not clear that the focus is not there, it also depends on the focus that you want to give it but never or never that never disappears.

If they want to hear about reading and not going to do exercises because no it is not this or today, excuse me, you see that there are people who dedicate themselves to acting theater without necessarily having studied a career, and you, as a graduate, what do you think of this? people who were dedicated to acting without having studied this career because they were unprofessional people or people who only then used it as a hobby and had seen that it could generate money from there or this false belief that.

Which bachelor’s degree is best for acting?

Why do you study theater or study performance of you become famous immediately those will appreciate my feeling no but the truth is that over the years I have also met people that I have not studied and who is not and who on the contrary is very professional and perhaps more professional than others people who did, or that is, they were the same, I know, I think it is necessary that if they are not going to study it as a career, they should be formed in any way, no, maybe not from you. my full time but then if I take some sporadic workshops that investigate about teachers who are good and who give these workshops not because I think it is important even me who already left school four years ago because I think it is necessary to follow me as the exact grain then well You decide to study it or not.


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It is without that it is very important that you continue training and that you continue to update yourself and also because now there is a trend in the cinema and to hire non-actors and that is also rare, I think, also for us As actors it is like and then for me to study for so many years but I still don’t think the important thing is that yes, well, I cultivate it, not that you also invest time in that and that you take it seriously, the truth is that I have also I have known people who said, ‘No, I’m not going to study it, I just saw the Arapahoe and so on and they end up giving this up, because after a short time because it is not so easy. Yes, it is complicated that they are old.

Is a theatre major worth it?

That they can also think of it as a theater that easy and then since they enter all the subjects that you are also saying but nothing, how was it that I had six studies this career well, look at me, the truth is that I was always from a very young age as very close to the stage I started dancing I started singing later in my adolescence I started doing theater and when I did theater I said I think this is what I would like to do for my whole life but well, of course, it came into my life that they have sounded that you are going to live on behalf of my parents and well at first I believed it the truth is that I said yes it is true no better no and then I began to think about studying another career.

I began to study communication and journalism but the truth is that between communication and journalism and I said no this is not my thing I got out and made the decision I do not know if it was like emboldening myself and saying no this is what I want to do I decide at this moment dec gone that I’m going to dedicate myself to this and well, let’s see what happens, I don’t know, I have never taken it as a hobby because I don’t want to focus on this being my profession, hey and I say because now it does give me curiosity and I think it is something that those who may be watching this video because it is probably because they are thinking of studying this career or it is one of their options.